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with Elina Greiff & Terry Manrique”Working with Parents”

Elina Greiff

Elina Greiff is an experienced Conscious Parenting Coach and a Gottman Certified Educator. After working for over 20 years in the corporate world as an IT leader, coach and an emotional intelligence trainer, Elina realized that her passion was teaching and coaching parents on how to apply emotional intelligence concepts to parenting. Elina coaches parents on how to uncover and replace their limiting beliefs with deeper self-awareness and more empowering, life-affirming beliefs.

Elina’s work incorporates the core principles of positive psychology, human motivation theories, child development research, and brain science. She believes that the sooner people learn emotional intelligence skills, the more fulfilling, meaningful and successful their lives will be. In order for parents to raise emotionally intelligent children, they have to be willing to learn those core principles themselves.

Parents who are more self-aware, can, in turn, help their children learn emotional awareness and self-regulation. Elina believes that when parents learn what it means to parent consciously – those ordinary, every-day moments of interaction between them and their children is where extraordinary lessons are learned and deeper connection is created.

Elina works with parents one-on-one as well as in group settings. In her work, she is employing research-based, proven strategies to teach and coach others on parenting with emotional intelligence. Elina’s passion is to help parents deeply understand and connect with their children and to restore creative collaboration, mutual respect, and joyfulness within the family home.

Terry Manrique

“Working with Parent” After working 17 years as a teacher and Program Director at a private, art integrated early childhood education center, she decided to start her business in April 2011 coaching families in their homes. Terry is the author of Revive Your Parenting, C.P.R. for Parents®, A Philosophy based on Compassion, Patience, and Respect and Change Your Perspective, Improve Your Parenting. Her experience has allowed her to… provide parents with a crash course in Early Childhood Development, help parents better understand how their children think, and empowered them to be empathetic to what their child’s needs are. Understanding your child and knowing WHY they behave the way they do can eliminate the frustration many parents face.

Revive Your Parenting, C.P.R. for Parents®, A Philosophy based on Compassion, Patience, and Respect

Developing Positive Habits for Your Baby’s First 15 Months Course

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