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with Wendi McKenna, DPT

Wendi McKenna, DPT

Wendi McKenna, DPT, the founder of Move Play Grow, transforms lives.

As a mother, wife, pediatric doctor of physical therapy, author, and parenting leadership mentor, Wendi approaches life from a foundation of unconditional love.

Wendi empowers parents to support their babies, to build strong foundations, one connection point at a time. She turns struggles into opportunities. Moms who want to create a deeply connected and authentic family hire Wendi to help them lead with love, land their love, and nurture their blossoming children into who they are meant to be.

Wendi believes that being a parent is the most precious opportunity to grow into ourselves and share the gift of life. And she stands for all babies and children to be seen, understood, honored, and loved. She can’t wait to welcome you into her family.

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