Just for you BEAUTIFUL MAMA! 

Stacy & the Mastering New Motherhood Team has created

So any Moms have been asking how to have access to all of the interviews and gifts after the series ends.

So my team and I have created a VIP All Access Pass.

If you are interested in having all of the information available to you

click the VIP All Access Pass below. 


**I have created several special packages specifically for the busy new mom in mind! These are timeless packages so that you don’t miss out on any of the valuable and practical tips shared by the experts. You can watch the interviews over and over in their entirety with UNLIMITED access! 

VIP All Access Pass Access to  ALL 21 (+bonus) interviews and special offers during the Summit.

ONLY$67! Offer expires 3/06/20

VIP After Summit PassAccess to ALL 21 (+bonus) interviews and special offers

after the Summit ends 48 hours after the last interview airsONLY $97! Offer expires 3/06/20   

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