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with Nikos Varakis, MD IBCLC

Interview above and a latching video below.

This is a video that demonstrates a poor latch when a baby latches to the tip of the

nipple. The baby will not get much milk and it will be very painful for the mother.

When the baby latches further back on the aerola, then the baby

gets more milk and it is much more comfortable.

Nikos Varakis, MD IBCLC

Nikos Varakis is a paediatrician living in Rethymno of Crete in Greece, with his wife and their twin children. He is working at his private practice and shows special interest in breastfeeding. Since 2011 he is an IBCLC and on 2019 was elected as president of “Galaxias” Greek & Cypriot IBCLC’s Association. He is a speaker in seminars. Once every month he provides a free of charge class for pregnant women who wish to breastfeed their babies. Dr. Varakis is author of a book for care givers of young children and has also created an e-learning lesson, in order to help mothers breastfeed.

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