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Jenna Chidester

I grew up a big sister in a large family embedded in a tight knit religious community, I’ve never not been surrounded by infants and mothers. Babies are my native language and a great joy to me. Because of that background, my expertise in childcare can seem like intuition but it’s actually a set of skills that I love to teach mothers and fathers who find themselves in this entirely new territory. I’ve watched too many new parents struggle from a lack of modeling and support, and fall victim to the shaming and fear based information that abounds in a society geared away from children and mothers, parents and families.

My interest in helping childbearing families has naturally shifted to support families throughout all of the childbearing year and then grown into a desire to support all reproductive health journeys. I’m trained as a birth, postpartum, abortion, and bereavement doula. I strive to be truly full spectrum in my work, supporting all pregnancy outcomes, inclusive of all genders and orientations, serving all type of people regardless of ability to pay.

I live and work in Portland, OR and have supported over 130 births as a birth doula and have served many hundreds of families during their postpartum period.

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