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Christine Sutherland

Christine is determined to change the world one massage at a time.

Her latest book/films, Dying In Good Hands and Birthing In Good Hands are massage inspirations to elevate pain and increase comfort in the cycles of life. Christine Sutherland is a former audiovisual specialist and current documentary film maker, she has completed two of the four books in her In Good Hands series. She was the unpublished author choice for the Eden Mills Author’s Festival in 2012 and makes Nelson her home base as she travels the world spreading her message of hands on healing. Christine started Sutherland Chan School with Grace Chan when she taught at the 3HO School of massage in toronto in 197? In her career she has toured with musicans all over Europe and North America, worked with Olympic sports and wheelchair sports, and helped in deliveries of horses to/and humans Her favourite massage activity is Bridging The Gap where Christine teaches youth to massage seniors from Canada to Africa, From Hait to Guatamela. Her youtube channel teaches daily with a half million view of just one of her maternity films Christine Sutherland You Tube. Watch for her Flash Mob Massage for massaging working hospital staff at Christmas where kids surprise those working the holidays with their massages for head, neck and shoulders, arms and hands!

From Christine’s first baby delivery in the back country of Northern Ontario in 1978 to the pool birthing in Nelson BC last week (2017) the magic of massage has played along those 40 years of labour and love. Christine has been taught by her local families the power of touch and has taught that same hands on skills via the internet every Monday to Viet Nam from her clinic in her hometown. The Global classroom has been Christine’s venue for her entire career from studying in Germany at the Kneipp School to the midwifes in the 120 family collective of quatamelan freedom fighters.

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