Get ready for BREASTFEEDING SUCCESS, Beautiful Mama!

“I placed so much emphasis on preparing for my birth. Birth is like a sprint. Preparing to learn how to breastfeed with this bundle class helped me to prepare for the marathon of breastfeeding! Highly recommend!” ~Katherine P. 

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(27 November 2020 to 30 November 2020)

The COMPLETE Breastfeeding Video Bundle

This video bundle class contains everything you need to prepare you for your breastfeeding and pumping journey!

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  • 6 VIDEOS– The A, B, C’s of Breastfeeding & Pumping, Top Pumping Tips, How to Know You Have the Correct Flange Size, How to Use the HaaKaa pump, How to Latch your Baby, and Breastfeeding & Back to Work.
  • BONUS– A complimentary guide to prepare you to breastfeed, set up your nursing nook, how to know your baby is getting enough with breastfeeding, storage recommendations, a breastfeeding & back to work, and tips for working from home guide and so much more!

To receive the Black Friday Sale Price Enter Coupon Code: bbb2020

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